Current Affairs March 2016

Current Affairs March 2016

  1. Which of the following has become the first bank to commence the sale of Indian Gold Coin (IGC) in the domestic market? 
  1. Indian Overseas Bank
  2. State Bank of India
  3. Indian Bank
  4. Canara Bank

         ANS: A 

  1. Feni is the first liquor product in the country to obtain Heritage Spirit status. Feni belongs to which of the following state?
  1. Kerala
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Goa
  4. Himachal Pradesh

          ANS: C 

  1. __________ and ________ are the cleanest Railway Stations in India in the A1 and A Category respectively. 
  1. Beas and Jamnagar
  2. Surat and Rajkot
  3. Chandigarh and Salem
  4. Madurai and Kovilpatti 

          ANS: B 

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